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About Us

FAT Management Limited is a small company that cares about our future and our children’s future. Being in the waste industry we see at first hand how the earth’s resources are being abused.

We looked at our company and thought we can do our own little bit to help the environment. We as a company who provide waste management solutions for the fast food industry can offer a service which is very reliable, professional and reasonably priced.


We have introduced purpose made bins to encourage recycling, and this has been a success as it is convenient for our customers to recycle.

There are two major factors with recycling, convenience and cost. We think here at FAT Management we have helped in both of these matters.

The larger bins mean less travel time between stores and tips, therefore reducing fuel. Bulk items such as cardboard are easily extracted once the bin has been emptied, the smaller items then go through a trummel and items such as paper, cans and glass are removed. We only use transfer stations never landfill sites.

The cooking oil is taken to oil processors where the oil is cleaned of impurities and filtered. The oil is then taken to oil blenders where it is blended into different grades. The end use for old cooking oil is bio diesel industrial greases and oil fired power stations.

FAT Management LTD, operates an open booking policy and all the material we handle that can be recycled will be recycled. There is a paper trail in place.

So if you have any problems with your waste don’t hesitate to contact us at FAT Management.

We are a company that can solve your problems immediately. A professional reliable and competent company. A company that provides a complete black bag waste, old cooking oil, cardboard, old equipment and general waste. One company one phone call.

A sustainable future in mind.

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